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Commercial Mortgages & Loans 

Hard Money. Bridge Loans, 
& Creative Financing


Creative Solutions for Commercial Loans

Our Specialty

Commercial loans that are hard to place, bank turndowns, and time-sensitive real estate opportunities

When you need commercial mortgage money fast  

Realty Funding Corp can start work on your loan request as soon as your FIRST contact! 

Our ventures are located predominately in Upstate New York 

We will consider surrounding areas and neighboring states on a case by case basis

Our Clients

Landlords, Builders, Rehabbers, Flippers, all types of Investors, Real Estate Buyers, Land and Lot Owners, and even those who just want to take CASH out of their properties  

New investors are welcome!

When the bank turns down your loan request or you just do not want the hassle of working with a bank, call us. 

They say time is money...
We say

If your business is real estate, we need to talk!

What that means to you

What We Do

When you need commercial mortgage money fast, we can start work on your loan request at FIRST contact.

How We Work

When the bank turns you down for a commercial mortgage, that’s not the END of your search.
That's just the BEGINNING for us!

Why It Works

To secure mortgage money in a timely fashion, Realty Funding Corp.:

  • Can tell you if you have a potential loan in the first place.
  • Can tell you what is needed in a professional loan request package. 
  • And most importantly, knows who has MONEY and who is LENDING.

Fast Results

Realty Funding Corp gives you fast and individual attention. There are countless creative solutions to financing property. And because typical lenders will not lend in a certain situation, it creates investment opportunities for others with financial resources  to invest.

About Us

Realty Funding Corp. is developing a novel approach to working with commercial Borrowers. This new approach should make it faster and easier to submit loans to lenders. By streamlining this process, we save the Borrower money as "TIME IS MONEY".
We will tap retired, semi-retired, and/or part-time senior Mortgage Officers,  with a wealth of knowledge. With our industry-wide contacts, we work with a Borrower ONE-to-ONE from start to finish. 
Once you begin the process, on day one, your Mortgage Officer will advise you on what documents are needed, what costs and fees to expect, the time frame of the loan process, what pitfalls to expect, and what lenders could be interested in your loan. 
The Mortgage Officer will explain the Cash Flow tests that underwriters perform to see if the Subject Property can accommodate the debt load. The Mortgage Officer assembles and submits a professional loan request package to the lender(s) involved.